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Seniority in design

The personal line

The push and pull of giving design feedback

Some more thoughts on design feedback.

Push or pull? Some doors open one way, and the rest open the other way. Sometimes ideas needs more pull. And sometimes you need to push.

Pull often means more alignment and anchoring …


Fingerprints are everywhere. They’re hard to see and hard to remove.

A lot of design work is realignment. And we can all be more intentional about where we leave our fingerprints.

It’s easy to worry about how visible your contribution …

Seniority in design: superpowers

Build on your limitations, make them your strengths.

I really like the work the Home Office design and research teams have taken the lead on, illustrating the importance of accessible design. The statement that first caught my attention here …

Different ways of leading design: face to face, or side by side

Seniority in Design: feedback loops

When thinking about seniority in design, how to manage or ask for feedback is important.

As a designer you’re only as good as your feedback loops

Feedback is something you have to find as a designer. It’s something you …

Seniority in Design: leading sideways

Some more thoughts on design leadership and positioning (where you lead from).

You can lead from the side, not just from the front

Sometimes the intention to lead is enough. You can hold yourself to that responsibility, even when you’re …

It’s okay to be a design leader

Seniority in Design: personal responsibility

Seniority in design: empathy both ways

Seniority in design: proximity and closeness

Seniority, anxiety and dealing with confidence issues

A short follow up to my blog post about seniority in design.

These days, people assume that I’ve always been confident and comfortable speaking in front of a room full of strangers or having to speak up and lead …

Quality conversations over process

Thinking about design as a series of conversations

Thoughts following this tweet, yesterday.

There is an often overlooked secret to making progress:

The quality of your conversations is as important as your process.

Process is an easier proposition to …

It depends. Every designer everywhere?

As a designer, I very rarely say ‘it depends’.

I would rather have an opinion, then be right or wrong.

‘It depends’ suggests there’s too much context surrounding what you’re thinking about. It’s better to frame something more carefully so …

Seniority in design

It’s no secret that design is an industry of inflated job titles, but what makes a designer ‘senior’?

For everyone, a certain level of professional practice is required.

Time invested in your craft helps shape what you do, but ultimately …