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Hypotheses in user research and discovery


The problem with over testing, experience, and intuition

Designing something is about making a choice. Right or wrong.

There’s a common situation where teams become afraid to make decisions and they become paralysed by over-testing.

Barry Briggs shared his thoughts …

Thinking about how we use evidence in user-centred design

The weight of starting

Why you don’t need more evidence or certainty

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I sometimes think there’s a problem of digital teams taking too much time to do things. They just don’t get started soon enough.

Getting started is about being …

We only notice what we notice

What people want and what people need

The death and resurrection of the user persona, proto-persona, and more


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A conversation last week got me thinking again about personas. Then I shared this:

“we have personas” is normally the start of a difficult conversation that involves the question “have you spoken to any real users?”

A question about user needs: Understanding the job

Asking the right questions to frame the problem

Framing the problem is vital for designers. We need to be relentlessly talking about the core benefits that a product or service delivers, and why.

I’ve found that framing the problem is something that teams really struggle with. This should …

Making user research deliberate

Discovery. We’re not scared


UXPA – The State of UX

It seemed to test okay

Speaking roundup

Getting closer to context and extremes in product design

Big trucks and user research

In his book Antifragile, Nassim Talib writes about using data to solve problems:

“…people want more data to solve ‘problems’ …we have never had more data than we have now, yet have less predictability than ever. More data –

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