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2019 and the end of a decade

Since 2015 I’ve always published a yearly round up. This year there is so much that I could say and focus on that it feels overwhelming to reflect for too long. This is especially the case as it’s also the …

The art of football


The roundup. January (and some of February) 2019

2018 – End of year review

The roundup. November 2018

This is the first monthly roundup I’ve written since July. The summer, and moving into autumn, was an incredibly busy time with a new baby at home (see May 2018 update) and lots going on at work.

So …

For the love of the blog

This site (hollidazed.co.uk) has been live for something like 13 years. It’s an often neglected WordPress installation that I’ve enjoyed tinkering with and updating during that time.

At the start of the year, I said I was going to try …

The roundup. June/July 2018

The roundup. May 2018

About the boy

Zac John Holliday
Introducing Zachary John Holliday.

May was all about the boy.

Zac was born on the 17th May – 9 days late but everything went smoothly this time around. Zac is our fourth child and joins his 3 …

The roundup. April 2018

The roundup. March 2018

The roundup. February 2018

The roundup. January 2018

I’m trying a new approach to writing and publishing his year.

In my end of year review for 2017 I said that I needed to think about how and where I publish blog posts.

I’m now only publishing new blog …

2017 – End of year review

I’ve published an end of year review for a few years now (2015, 2016). It’s good to look back and reflect on what’s happened.

It’s been another busy year.

The biggest change for me this year was …

Some principles for blogging

I’ve been thinking about my own approach to blogging, and making this sharable. These are some good principles to start with.…

Anxiety labels and emotional needs

Golconda by Magritte

Golconda by Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte

I have a print of the painting Golconda by Belgian surrealist artist Ren̩ Magritte (1898 Р1967) framed on my bedroom wall at home.

The painting is composed of men, nearly identical to …

Mark making and broad strokes (learning to throw out your toolbox)

White Cross, Lancaster
White Cross, home to Lancaster School of Art and Design in 1997 (now relocated to Lancaster & Morecambe College)

20 years ago (in September 1997) I went to my local art college to enrol on a one year art and …

Art is emotive

“Art is everything that you don’t have to do” – Brian Eno

We all find meaning in life through art and how things make us feel.

I can’t always articulate why art makes sense of some of the things in …

Earning your optimism

The gift of giving away your best work