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Connected: things of the internet versus the Internet of Things (IoT)

When I first wrote about things of the internet it was a deliberate inversion of the Internet of Things.

For the uninitiated, the Internet of Things is the connection of everyday physical objects through the internet (and local networks), enabling …

Designing without an alternative

The importance of digital — part 4

No alternative

No (original image — Tom Magliery)

Design in a digital world is, at least in part, a story of dealing with no alternative.

In government, I see no alternative all the time. From a lack …

Digital by design

The importance of digital — part 3

Lou Downe introducing the Cross-Government Design Meeting at the Design Museum

If you’re following my posts over the last few days you’ll appreciate how important I think digital is as a lens for how we …

The end of digital?

The importance of digital — part 2

The End of Print (David Carson). Is this the end of digital?
The End of Print (David Carson). Is this the end of digital?

Back when I was a design student I discovered David Carson’s book The End of Print.

This book inspired a long term …

Convenience isn’t digital

Why we need a different response to convenience in a digital age

PayPal (instant money transfer)—digital convenience

PayPal (instant money transfer)—digital convenience

Convenience is something that pre-dates the internet. It’s not of the internet.

The local ‘convenience store’ is something most people are familiar …

hub by Premier Inn. Is it digital?

Monzo (the bank of the future). Is it truly digital?

Last week Dan Sheldon shared an article by Jason Bates, co-founder of Monzo, comparing it to my list of things of the internet.

Things of the internet...

Jason outlined a similar set …

Things of the internet

Designing services for the digital age in response to raised expectations

For a series of recent talks I’ve given, I’ve been thinking about the changing expectations that people have for services that are ‘digital’.

Services are a familiar part of …