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Everyday is an opportunity to write something

Having an opinion

Finding the conversation


The problem with over testing, experience, and intuition

Designing something is about making a choice. Right or wrong.

There’s a common situation where teams become afraid to make decisions and they become paralysed by over-testing.

Barry Briggs shared his thoughts …

The secrets of guerrilla communication

Communicating design to your colleagues is an important skill. I was reminded of this last week when visiting one of our offices and seeing Helena’s latest posters in all sorts of good places.

The trick is to focus your …

Let’s pretend

Yesterday, I shared some quotes from Inventing the future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Alex Williams and Nick Snick.

Here are some more thoughts about imaging the future.

The alternative as a utopian future

Science fiction has a …

Imagining the alternative future

The direct route

Patterns of things that break

After my last blog post, Sharon shared a picture in response to the example that an escalator never breaks.


Image – Sharon Dale

Clearly this escalator is broken and it hasn’t become stairs.

It made me think about interventions.…

Here’s your permission to go ahead and break things

Finding your appetite for destruction

As I talked about in my last blog post, design critique should be a way that teams create a culture of healthy feedback. I explained that we critique things by trying to break them …

Critique is not criticism

The automation reading list

The tipping point for voice activated services

Yesterday was Rebecca‘s birthday (that’s Mrs Holliday). Amongst the other presents was an Amazon Echo (Dot). It’s fair to say my 3 daughters did well to keep this a secret as they were so excited about it.

We …

The problem with ‘customer’

Why it’s important that we’re having the conversation

Customer User Stickers

Image – As with everything, there’s a GDS sticker for that

It’s always interesting when a single tweet like this attracts some attention or starts a bigger conversation.

I’m noticing the word

The gentle art of stopping

Everyday is an opportunity to write something