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Bookshelf – 2020 into 2021

It’s fair to say that the pandemic has shifted my relationship with reading over the past 12 months. The lack of travel, and missing the time in-between work commitments has changed my habits. I once carried at least one book …

Never read something cover to cover, except for pleasure

What’s on my bookshelf this winter/spring (2019)

I’m overdue a book list.

This is what I’ve been reading over the past few months (stretching back to the end of 2018). The rest of this list is books I’m planning to read over the next few months.…

What’s on my bookshelf this summer (2018)

What’s on my bookshelf this autumn/winter (2017)

I’ve previously published a reading list for summer 2016 and summer 2017. This is my reading list for this autumn/winter.…

What’s on my bookshelf this summer (2017)

Almost a year ago I shared my summer reading list for 2016.

Looking back I managed to get through most of the books. It took me until the end of the year and I picked up a few more …

What’s on my bookshelf this summer

What people want and what people need

Back to work

Year of the web book (2006)