Is digital destroying a generation?

In my last blog post I wrote about attention-driven design versus connection-driven design.

While thinking about this over the past few months, this article was particularly uncomfortable reading: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

“The more time teens spend looking at screens, the more likely they are to report symptoms of depression.”

My thoughts.

Attention-driven design is a choice.

Technology is a tool we can use when designing and shaping the type of the society we want to live in. This doesn’t mean we have to accept the increasing rise and link between mental health problems and technology.

I’m still optimistic about the potential of the internet and how we can use technology for good. The challenge here is not about restricting technology from a generation of young people, its about redistributing its impact and opportunities.

Technology can be part of our lives in a meaningful way that doesn’t include creating dangerous social media addictions and smart phone dependencies. But we have to design the alternative.

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