Designing without an alternative

The importance of digital — part 4

No alternative

No (original image — Tom Magliery)

Design in a digital world is, at least in part, a story of dealing with no alternative.

In government, I see no alternative all the time. From a lack of money/funding, skills, leadership, or simply political will power. These are all situations where there is no choice but to radically rethink what’s happening around us.

Finding yourself with no alternative, or no choice, can be turned into an opportunity. A story where there’s no more room for small incremental change, or iterations of old ideas and policy.

The no choice narrative

The digital age demands design where there are no alternatives. It demands bold reinvention. This is when your organisation, service, or product can’t afford not to change.

If you’re digital by design, make or break is a good place to start.

The only option is to rethink everything. How you work, what you do, and why? Digital is a way to respond to these challenges.

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