del.icio.us Tinkering

I’m no hard core programmer but I do on occasion like to mess around with API code especially when it’s made really easy. I’ve been looking at adding a del.icio.us feed showing my latest bookmarks for a while now and it’s finally arrived… it was even as easy as adding the CSS styling to the code del.icio.us generated for me.

Anyone that reads this blog knows by now I’m not a particularly regular blogger but the changing face of how an individual can create web content is making this less of a problem. If I consider that my original aim in having this blog was to document work, research, design and web development thoughts, than actually what better way to keep the blog fresh than to be able to pull in the latest things I’ve bookmarked as ‘of interest’ in del.icio.us and my latest musings on Twitter (twitter badge added a few months ago!).

Anyway, I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to hit you with a full lifestream just yet but it keeps things ticking over.

Right, off to pack for a well earned week way in Cornwall (well away from all computers) – starting tomorrow.

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