Firefox extensions for Christmas

These are only festive because I’ve just come across them but over the last week two great additions for Firefox have come to my attention.

First up is FireBug which I think has been around for a while now but came to my attention again when reading an article on Dave Shea’s Mezzablue site. I’ve now been test driving this for a week and it’s great for a whole range of things including CSS and Javascript debugging, editing HTML as well as useful stuff like monitoring network activity. I can see this becoming an essential tool in my web design work alongside the web developers toolbar.

I spotted the second extension yesterday on de.icio.us and I think it might be the Microformats extension I’ve been waiting for. Previously I’ve been using the Tails extension but this new extension called Operator is a Microformat detection extension that offers a more user friendly interface for discovering and exporting Microformats.

Hopefully this extension will be the tool that helps end users to start enjoying the benefits of the many Microformats that many developers have been incorporating into sites over the last year or so.

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